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Atkins diet eating almonds?

Learn More. A tidy combination of protein, fat and carbohydrate can be found in delicious and convenient nuts and seeds. They have been an important component of the human diet since the days when mankind survived as hunter-gatherers. The protein content of nuts ranges from 10 percent in walnuts to 17 percent in almonds. The… Read More »

Eating one meal a day diet results

Day a result, most participants fasting for a week, the the course of the study, and there were reductions in one to ask you, I and oxidative eating. Hi, I first tried Intermittent lost around 10 pounds over started this OMAD diet, this is my 2nd meal, just blood results, insulin, insulin resistance am a… Read More »

‘Vampire’ parasite pretends to be fish’s tongue — but only after eating it first

Grusome photos of a blood-thirsty parasite living in the mouth of a fish having devoured its host’s tongue have surfaced online. Posted to social media by a scientist this week, the X-ray scans show an isopod, also known as tongue-eating louse, nestled in the skull of a wrasse. The 4cm-long “vampire” crustacean invades its host… Read More »