Women Health In Delhi

By | March 25, 2017

Though the field of medicine has developed with the technology, a lot of other new and dangerous diseases have also emerged and developed with the technology. And one of the major fields where medicine has to concentrate at present is women health as women these days are becoming prone to different diseases.

Women have become prone to diseases related to gynecology. The increased rate of diseases in women is due to the changed lifestyle. The food is one of the major factors of this issue and women will need to start giving care to the food they eat.Cancer has become very much common among women. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are the most common and deadly cancers that have started to attack women on a large scale. In order to reduce this increase of cancer among women, a lot of hospitals provide free cancer checkups for women to track their health on a regular basis. It would be most advisable for women if they take these checkups at least once in six months to ensure their safety for health.

Infertility is another major issue that women these days are facing and it definitely must be addressed. The change lifestyle is again the reason for this issue. Infertility among women has increased drastically over the years. Though infertility has become common, women need not fear of it, as there a lot of hospitals that are specialized in treating infertility. If at all a woman is infertile, she can regularly go the fertility clinic and get treated from the problem.
As women grow older, their bones grow older and weaker. Unlike men, women age faster biologically and therefore they begin to show signs of aging faster than men. Pregnancy is one stage after which a woman’s bones start to grow weaker and older than before. By the age of forty, most of the women face problems related to bone health. Therefore it will be very much necessary for women to take their supplements on a regular basis and also to get checked up regularly in order to make their bone stay strong and healthy.

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Stress is another common issue that leads to the ill health of women. Women are biologically prone to show signs of aging faster than men and stress will lead to sooner aging and more biological problems. Women will have to meditate on a regular basis to keep them free from stress. The more a woman stresses, the more likely she is to fall sick and ill. Therefore women will have to keep their mind calm and fresh in order to maintain their health. By- Pujha Ramesh

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