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By | April 11, 2016

Depression, anxiety, insomnia and even weight loss are all major problems that many people suffer with.  Sometimes these conditions can be so overwhelming that they contribute to altering people so much that they become life changing and effect relationships and careers.  You don’t have to suffer.  There is a supplement that is on the market today for sale over the counter that can change you.  It’s called 5 HTP!

These life changing conditions arise from the inability to make serotonin or the happy hormone in the brain. If levels get too low you become depressed or cannot sleep properly.  It affects your diet as when your levels are low we think that we can make them up by eating but tend to crave for carbohydrates or fatty foods.  However, there are very few foods, especially in these categories that actually contain natural serotonin leaving the result in weight gain.

Serotonin controls many functions in the body and without it we feel ‘out of sorts’.  5 HTP helps regain out serotonin levels at a safe rate.  It has been used to treat many ailments including Parkinson’s disease, attention defifecit disorder and migraines amongst the more common depression, anxiety and insomnia.

As this is a relatively new supplement there is still research being done into all the side effects that it can cause ad what dosage should be taken.  There are many different ideas as to how much can be taken. The dosage depends on the condition that is to be treated.  If you are thinking of taking 5 HTP to help with mood swing due to pre menstrual tension then it is advised to start taking the supplement at least a week before your cycle begins,

It has been reported that a safe dose of 5 HTP is 100mg per day but to take as low a dose a possible with seeing a noticeable difference in your well being.  They recommend you start with 50mg dose, some people have reported that they benefit a better result on a lower dose,  and it is best to take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before going to bed.  If you feel the need to increase then to take 100mg.  Be patient as it takes a while to build your serotonin levels back up to a normal level ad could be as long as 2-3 weeks before there is a difference so hang on in there and don’t give up.

For more serious conditions of insomnia and depression you can up the dose to between 200mg and 300mg but it may be wise to get the advice from a doctor.  The last thing you want is to take too high a dose as this can lead to adverse side effects the worst being serotonin syndrome which can be fatal.  Other side effects are nausea, stomach cramps, dizziness and vivid dreams.

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