Alternative Sleep Disorder Treatments

By | June 2, 2016

If you have a sleep disorder, it can disrupt your everyday life. Sleep deprivation can make you tired and sleepy, irritable and emotional. If you try to drive or operate heavy machinery, the lack of sleep may cause a loss of concentration, causing danger to you and those around you.

There are natural, alternative treatments to lessen the effect of sleep disorders. Diet and nutrition may help to alleviate sleep disorders, or perhaps herbs and herbal supplements may do the trick. Exercise, relaxation, and meditation may also help. Or a combination of techniques may work to alleviate the symptoms of a sleep disorder.

A good, healthy diet is essential not only for health, but for a good, restful sleep as well. It is just as important to avoid certain foods as it is to include others. To keep your body well balanced, and your energy level stable, you need drink plenty of water, and eat a wide variety of food. It will help to avoid (as much as possible) food that is grown, treated, or processed with chemicals. I know that isn’t always easy, but it will help. Limiting the amount of sugar and caffeine that you consume will help your overall condition. Foods that increase your serotonin levels can help relieve some symptoms of sleep disorders. Serotonin is a natural sedative, which will help you sleep. It is made in the body from tryptophan, which can be found in chicken, turkey, cheese, nuts, avacados, bananas, and other sources. Just keep your pre-bedtime snacking light, and don’t eat too much.

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Herbs and natural supplements may help to treat your sleep disorder. Do some research before taking any supplements, and know how different supplements act on the body, and your sleep disorder. Iron and folic acid supplements may help with restless leg syndrome. Other herbs are used for other sleep disorders. Some herbs, may help you to relax and fall asleep naturally. Chamomile tea may be relaxing, and help you to fall asleep.

Exercise and relaxation techniques can reduce stress and tension. If done before going to bed, these techniques can help to lessen the symptoms of sleep problems. Breathing exercises, stretching, muscle relaxation, and yoga, can help easy physical tension, and calm the mind, preparing the body for sleep. Meditation and visualization are other techniques that may be used to relax the body and mind before bedtime. If you take the time to relax, and calm your mind before bedtime, you may find that you fall asleep much easier.

Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy can help to relieve stress as well. Relaxing in a hot bathtub, with bath salts or scented bath oils can help to soothe the body and the mind.

Any or all of these alternative therapies can be used to help you to relax, and fall asleep easier at night. If you do have a sleep disorder, however, you should always go to your physician, and follow his advice. Some of these techniques can be used in addition to any medication or treatment that your doctor prescribes.

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