Do Optimists Lead Healthier Lives?

By | April 6, 2020


Some research has found that individuals that find the silver lining in situations or view the glass as half full tend to lead healthier lifestyles. While it can be difficult to always find the positive in everything, it definitely is achievable through mindfulness. 

According to various studies in the U.S. and Europe, the thing that differed between individuals that were pessimistic versus optimistic was their explanatory style or mindset. Pessimistic individuals view negative events as lasting and are quick to blame themselves or others. 

On the other hand, optimistic individuals tend to have more of a positive outlook and feel that everything is fluid. They understand that they can’t blame themselves for negative events and that they can only control the present. This type of mindset is less draining and more sustainable over time. Optimistic individuals believe that the good and bad will pass and recognize that no situation is permanent. They let expectations go and are confident while they also reward themselves for good news/achievements. 

Overall, researchers found that this shift in thinking promoted healthier lifestyles. Optimistic individuals were found to enjoy the benefits of better cardiovascular health and they were less susceptible to develop symptoms from viral infections. Their blood pressure was also more likely to be in the healthier range and they may experience more longevity. 

They are also more willing to make lifestyle adjustments, including making exercise a priority, refraining from an excess of alcohol consumption, avoid smoking, and focus on preventative measures like taking vitamins. 
While the shift in thinking can be a little difficult at first, taking time to meditate or listen to positive podcasts like Meditative Story can help us realize where we can improve our thinking after some introspection. Taking time to exercise, make nutritious meals, or take vitamins like BoroTab 75 Mg are also excellent ways to support the mind. As always, it is important to consult your doctor before adding vitamins, but it is equally as important to make sure that it is coming from a reputable company like Hakala Research.

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