Organic Aphid Killers

By | May 3, 2018

Using organic aphid killers is safer for the environment and people; particularly young children and of course, cats and dogs. With basic household items, safe and effective solutions can be made to fight bugs in the garden. Most local garden supply stores carry organic ‘pesticides’ as well.

The garden is in full bloom by mid-summer and pests will show up then as well. Of the varied nuisances to plague rose plants, aphids are the number one culprits. The drier the summer, the more likely it is for these pesky bugs to attack.

A regular inspection of leaves will help detect damage caused by these bugs; curled, disfigured foliage is the sign you’re looking for. Summer rains can be hard enough to literally wash bugs off of the leaves. In dry spells get out the garden hose and spray rose plants to help remove aphids.

For every bad bug in the garden, there is a countering force. For aphids, it’s the ladybug. You may find this cute red bug in your garden, but if your roses are under attack by aphids, the natural supply of ladybugs won’t do the job. A bulk purchase can be made at a local garden shop or specialty websites. All you do is release them in the garden and within a few days the aphids will disappear. Ideally, the ladybugs should be replenished every several weeks.

The least expensive and old-fashioned technique for ridding flowers of bugs is to pick the bugs off leaves, one at a time and squash them. It’s a time consuming job – and messy – but effective. There are other bugs that prey on roses as well, the Japanese beetle and spider mites can be problematic. Japanese beetles, recognized by their green head and copper-colored body eat the leaves and flowers. The hand plucking method is most effective with these bugs.

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