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The Perils Of Painkiller Abuse

Today, drug dependency affects millions of individuals in different countries worldwide. Because of the harmful effects of drugs to the lives of addicts, their families, the people around them and the community, the government and private corporations construct myriad rehabilitation centers to help junkies recover from addiction. One of the top problems of rehabilitation centers… Read More »

Painkiller Narita Professional Hair Cutting Scissors / Shears (5.5 Inch)

High quality professional hair cutting shears made in Japan from Japanese Hitachi 440C forged steel. All Painkiller shears have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects in material or workmanship. Made in Japan using Hitachi SUS-440C Forged Stainless Steel Patented Flexible Thumb Technology Adjustable Tension Knob Beautiful Workmanship; Lifetime Warranty HRC 59 Get Other great deals… Read More »

My Lip Stuff- Tube – Painkiller Flavor (600+ Other Flavors Available)

Homemade, all natural lip balm made from only the finest butters, oils, & beeswax. With pineapple, coconut, orange, rum, & a dash of cinnamon. Smells just like the popular drink! All Natural. Never tested on animals. Earth & Animal Friendly! Contains: Butters, Oils, & Beeswax Painkiller flavor Twist up tube ONE OF OVER 600 flavors!!!… Read More »

Painkiller Special Delivery

New and modern techniques are continuously being developed in the fight against chronic pain. These efforts are prompted by the need to have safer treatments for pain in order to avoid negative effects of existing pain medications. These negative effects include addiction, pain medication tolerance, liver damage and stomach ulcers. This is the reason why… Read More »

The Right Remedy For Painkiller Addiction

Addiction to painkiller medicines is as serious as drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment of abuse of pain killers must focus both on the psychological and physical problems to attain optimal recovery. According to a recent study, the number of people seeking help for painkiller abuse has increased to 300 percent between 1995 and 2005. Abusers… Read More »