The Perils Of Painkiller Abuse

By | October 8, 2016

Today, drug dependency affects millions of individuals in different countries worldwide. Because of the harmful effects of drugs to the lives of addicts, their families, the people around them and the community, the government and private corporations construct myriad rehabilitation centers to help junkies recover from addiction. One of the top problems of rehabilitation centers nowadays is tramadol abuse.

Even though painkillers are one the best selling medications in stores and in pharmacies, it is also one of the top selling addictive drugs nowadays due to the little warnings of the government and regulatory bodies about the dangers and repercussions of painkillers on users. Aside from illegal drugs, painkiller addiction is a prevalent problem of numerous nations for several years.

The Benefits of Painkillers:

Painkillers are effective in lessening the pain caused by cancer, spinal column-related problems, surgery, scoliosis and arthritis. Doctors also prescribe these medicines to cure endometriosis and chronic headaches.

Although medicines are manufactured to ease and to address illnesses, ailments, pain and other types of health-related problems, it has its corresponding harmful effects as well.

Repercussions of Painkillers:

Since this medicine is highly addictive, it is best not to ingest this medicine without the supervision of doctors because self-medication can lead to tolerance and addiction. Once you become tolerant with the drug and you suddenly stop ingesting it, you will experience nervousness, sleeplessness and mood disorders. Other short-term side-effects include drowsiness, dizziness, intestinal distress and constipation.


It is advised not to self-medicate to avoid the detrimental effects of painkillers. Be sure to consult your physician if you experience any sort of pain. Remember that not all types of painkillers work to all individuals. If one brand works for you, it can be fatal and dangerous to other people. Your physician is the only person who can determine what type of painkiller is ideal for you and what methods to undertake to prevent painkiller abuse.

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Before you start consuming any type of painkiller, be honest to your doctor about your illnesses and the previous drugs and medicines you consume. In some instances, those who have previous addiction history are the ones more prone to painkiller addiction.

To live a healthy, drug-free and pain-free life, be aware of the dangers and hazards of any type of drugs that you plan to ingest. At present, there are natural and holistic treatment options that you can use without harmful effects.

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