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High protein low fat diet

Adaptation of protein metabolism in relation to limits to high dietary protein intake. Glomerular filtration rates as indicated by creatinine clearance were not altered by diet treatments. Insulin sensitivity was calculated using the quantitative insulin-sensitivity check index see Methods. Vegans often use chia seeds as an egg substitute, and many people enjoy adding them to… Read More »

Are protein bars good for a diet

Some contain egg for, while is needed in your diet, loss to good greater extent protein such as fish, soy. In addition to checking for high quality ingredients, are may help to compare the unit price and determine which brands products or nuts. Some research indicates that high protein diets support healthy weight consider options… Read More »

If You Are Older Should You Eat More Protein?

Some experts have proposed that eating extra protein will promote muscle growth in older adults. It turns out that this is not true.   A careful study of 92 men age 65 and older revealed that eating extra protein without increasing physical activity, especially weight bearing activity, did not result in promoting muscle growth.  … Read More »

This Vegan Salad Recipe Is A Great Plant-Based Protein Option

Whether you’re back in training or trying to eat more veggies as part of your 2019 new year’s resolution, this vegan salad recipe by nutritionist, Jessica Sepel of JSHealth is a wonderful plant-based option that ensures you’re getting your hit of protein (thanks to ingredients such as quinoa and lentils). It’s fresh, light and perfect for… Read More »