UPGRADED MAGNESIUM Nano-Liquid by Upgraded Formulas | Absorbs Instantly | Get Better Sleep | Great for Muscle Aches + Cramps | 16 OZ (32 1/2oz Servings) | Nano Ionic / Angstrom MAG CHLORIDE Supplement

By | May 20, 2018
UPGRADED MAGNESIUM Nano-Liquid by Upgraded Formulas | Absorbs Instantly | Get Better Sleep | Great for Muscle Aches + Cramps | 16 OZ (32 1/2oz Servings) | Nano Ionic / Angstrom MAG CHLORIDE Supplement

Many people do not know that Magnesium is a needed to make Melatonin. But remember, it has to be absorbed. Dr. Linus Pauling famously said, “Without Minerals, Vitamins Are Useless.” Unless the body has enough of the right minerals it cannot make use of the vitamins we consume.

And so it is that Magnesium is required by EVERY cell in your body to make energy/ ATP!

At 3000 PPM this Nano Ionic Magnesium Plasma, also know as Picometer or Angstrom, is less harsh in taste and has been designed with the protocols of the book Magnesium Miracle in mind.

Research shows low levels of magnesium in the body and severe migraines and headaches as well as muscle cramping and muscles aching, and so many more things.

Do you ever experience muscle or grip weakness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, sugar cravings, fatigue, or high blood pressure? Yes, it is in fact true that all of these point to you not having enough magnesium, and so you and many you know suffer.

When taken in a form that is properly absorbed, symptoms often begin to fade within 1-3 months with an adequate intake.

Taste is pure, clean and natural and has an interesting slight mineral characteristic. But it has long been understood by knowledgeable doctors that the stronger supplements taste, the more your body needs them.

Upgraded Formulas produces products without any flavorings because they reduce absorption rates. in truth, we want feedback from the mineral taste to determine how much we need it which we can only get from consuming a liquid with no flavorings.

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Other benefits of maintaining healthy magnesium levels include activation of the feel-good neurotransmitter, GABA, which REDUCES fatigue and boosts mood.

Isn’t life hard enough? You and the people you care about shouldn’t suffer needlessly because of a Magnesium Deficiency. – Barton Scott, Founder of Upgraded Formulas

  • (1) INSTANT ABSORPTION FOR BETTER HORMONES – Imagine How You Would Feel if You Could Completely Absorb Your Magnesium Minerals. Imagine the Improvement in Hormone Production and Energy… We Were FED UP with Poor Absorption. So We Created A Solution. One of MEASURABLE ABSORPTION via Hair Analyses. It Is Calming and Effective. So Now YOU Can Achieve YOUR Optimal Level of Magnesium and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Wake Up More and More Refreshed. Join us.
  • (2) FIX YOUR MINERAL DEFICIENCY: Better Absorption = Better Hormone Production! Our Mag is 3rd Party Tested For POTENCY & PURITY = Measurable Effectiveness and Measurable Confidence For You. Many Clients Use a Hair Analysis Before & After Consuming For 3-4 Months To Show Mineral Absorption In The Body. Less mg Needed Per Day with Complete Absorption. Sourced locally in the U.S., is Organic, Naturally-Derived, Safe For Any Diet, and Bottled using only BPA-Free Bottles
  • (3) SLEEP BETTER: WHEN CELLS ABSORB MORE MAGNESIUM THEY MAKE MORE ENERGY = LESS STRESS, BETTER MOOD. Our Nano Liquid Magnesium Has A Very Smooth “Water-like Texture.” Increased Effectiveness Means That Upgraded Magnesium Helps You To Manage Stress Better Than Other Forms, Including Regular liquid magnesium, and pills and powders. Taste: Natural Mineral Taste. Ideally: Shoot like a shot -or- Mix It with A Small Amount of Water, Lemon Flavored Water, or Similar.
  • (4) OPTIMIZE THYROID ENERGY, MUSCLE AND LEG CRAMPS: Restore the Proper Calcium / Magnesium Ratio in the Body with this 100% BIOAVAILABLE NANO IONIC MAGNESIUM – Goes Directly Into Cell. Skips Digestion Completely Because Our Mineral Particles Are Roughly 50,000 Times Smaller Than Blood Cells, Ensuring Complete Absorption. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN COMPROMISES. THE Most Absorbable Form Of Mag On The Market. PERIOD. Try Adding To Water Bottles and Take it With You To Yoga, Bike, or Gym
  • (5) WE GIVE BACK – A Portion of All Profits Go To Charity:Water. They Make Such A Difference in the Health and Lives of So Many.
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