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By | December 23, 2016

Women have special health needs at every stage in their lives. Thus, special medical care is required for females at different times in their life especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. In order to stay well protected, they must undergo through certain health check up for women.

Here are some of the importance women medical check up to get regularly:

1. For General Health – Routine tests – like complete blood count, blood sugar, liver profile, routine urine, blood pressure, body weight, body mass index, screening for infections etc. are to be done on a regular basis as per the health check up for women.

2. Against Cancer – Pap tests every two years is a must, starting at age 21. This screening test is used to look for of possible cervical cancer. It should be conducted every two years till age 70. Cervical cancer is the only cancer with a vaccine available and all females of reproductive age should take it. Health check at 40 is mainly to screen for cancers. It is also part of the medical tests for women over 50.The signs of cancer if caught early on, can be successfully treated in the early stages. It is especially important if the women has a family history of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women and therefore regular mammograms should be included in the health check up for women.

3. For Reproductive Health – Health check at the age of 30 is mainly for a women’s reproductive health. Normally it is as part of women health problems after 30. This is required for proper contraception and appropriate family planning. This is to ensure maintain reproductive health for conception and a healthy pregnancy. Regular health checks are recommended during pregnancy to ensure well-being of the mother and the baby. Health is also closely monitored even after delivery – to nurse the mother back to health and also for best care of the infant. Some females may require certain women medical check-up during puberty, since a lot of hormonal changes take place during this time.

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4. For Heart Health – Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. But as compared to men, the functions of the heart differ, therefore a specialized women medical check up must be undertaken for this organ. Thus, regular tests to evaluate cholesterol, blood pressure, lipid profile and electrocardiogram are required to be done. If the problem is detected early, it can be well-controlled by modifying the diet and exercise routine.

5. For Bone Health – The bones of a women weaken as the age advances. The cause is osteoporosis where the bones become fragile and can get easily fractured. A simple bone mineral density test as part of the women health check can be used to determine the risk for osteoporosis, and remedial measures can be taken immediately.

6. Autoimmune Diseases- The two main autoimmune diseases which affect women are – diabetes and thyroid problems. A women health check with regular blood sugar monitoring is a must for keeping a check on diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk for heart disease and affects many different organs. Thyroid dysfunction leads to a number of metabolic problems and can have severe impact on a women’s health. Regular tests for thyroid profile should also be a part of woman health check up.

All women should always monitor their health on a regular basis, and keep a lookout for any unfamiliar signs. They must always be vigilant and get regular health check-ups done with all the required tests to stay health for years to come.

Shalini Iyyer; a medical student in a Chennai medical college, has an obvious passion for medicine and health care. That’s why she shares her understanding of subjects like women health check up, female medical check up and women health check. She has also provided information about health check for women over 40, women health problems after 30 and suggested medical tests for women over 50. She hopes her information about female medical check up and health check up for women will benefit you and your family.

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