Colours to calm you and help you feel stronger while self-isolating in lockdown

By | March 29, 2020

Colour is powerful, it can alter a space, enhance a particular mood, or excite the senses.

For instance, blue is naturally calming – something we all need while we self-isolate during the coronavirus crisis.

That’s why walking by the sea or a lake, if you can safely do that right now, can be soothing at a time when we are all stressed and trying to relax as best we can.

Yellows and oranges boost happiness, while shades of pink are nurturing and induce feelings of positivity. With the whole country now spending more time indoors, colour psychologist.

Woman wearing colourful dresses in front of red wall background

Bright shades put a smile on your face


Red Go Away, I’m Self Isolating mug

Message heard, loud and clear!

A colour associated with love, passion and success. Red instils confidence and determination, giving you purpose and strength to move forward in life with enthusiasm. Red encourages you to let go of anything that may be holding you back and gives you the security needed to look forward to brighter horizons.

Red Go Away, I’m Self Isolating mug, £10 –

Shades will lift you in this climate




In an increasingly divided world, pale pink has become an on-trend colour. It releases a soft, nurturing energy that makes you feel loved and cared for and inspires you to return that love. Studies show pink helps muscles physically relax and encourages you to let go of tension in your body.


Yellow velour pom-pom cushion

Bring a spot sunshine inside

Yellow velour pom-pom cushion, £12 –

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The typical sunshine colour, yellow helps dispel feelings of depression and self-doubt. Introducing yellow shades into the home instantly lifts the mood as it’s a colour so often associated with happy memories such as summer holidays. It is also an excellent aid for study or learning as it encourages you to stay focused.


Black is a strong colour that creates an energy of mystery and feelings of anything is possible. How many of us have felt invincible in that little black dress? It stands shoulder to shoulder with red as the sexiest colour and also offers a layer of protection in order to be more confident.


Green leaf vase

Leaf your flowers in here…

Green leaf vase, £32 –

Green provides balance and harmony. Like blue, its affinity with nature supports you in slowing your breathing in times of anxiety and strengthens your inner core, bringing you back to your natural self. Green is the colour of growth and can also spark creative thoughts and give you an energy boost.


White contains the energy of all the colours and symbolises purity, clarity and innocence. It has a cleansing effect on the body, mind, spirit and emotions.


Blue embossed egg plate

Just in time for Easter…

Blue embossed egg plate (20.5cm), £6 –

Blue is a peaceful colour – and the most popular in the UK. Its cool and healing energy soothes your emotions and reduces levels of stress, so incorporating soft blues into your home is an easy way to provoke feelings of quietness and comfort, which aid relaxation.

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Gold Spring Romance bird candle

A little birdy told me you like a bit of luxury

Gold Spring Romance bird candle, £10 –

With a strong connection to spirituality, gold is closely linked to feelings of integrity. Gold is completion, the end goal, and is the only colour that has no negative aspects. Accents of gold can give vibrancy and depth to a room.


Purple rug

Sweep your worries under this

Purple rug, £35 –

Purple can help bring clarity to the mind in times of reflection. Darker purples encourage you to slow down and listen to your inner voice, persuading us to adopt a meditative approach to life and its hurdles. Bright purples, like violet, can give you the inspiration and vision you need to look ahead to the future.


Orange zig zag hand towel

Squeeze this one in the bathroom

Orange zig zag hand towel, £5 –

Orange creates a feeling of warmth and gives you the energy to express your creative potential. It also works to clear and strengthen your emotions, helping you to laugh and see the funny side of every situation.

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Remember, you don’t need to paint whole rooms, just add little touches of colour with cushions, throws or decorations.

June McLeod is a colour psychologist, consultant and author. Her work has informed the Light House Experience, which will be touring shopping centres later in 2020, using the psychological benefits of colour to improve visitor’s wellbeing.

– For more information about the Light House Experience click here

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