Fitness Entrepreneur Danielle Natoni Unveils How The INSANITY Workout Works!

By | April 20, 2019
Danielle natoni

American fitness entrepreneur and coach also known as Fit and Funky who made the transition from 5th grade math teacher to respected fitness guru. She has served as a Master Trainer for the INSANITY workout program.

Danielle has two passions—teaching and fitness, and fulfills those passions as the INSANITY Format Expert and INSANITY Master Trainer ranking 3rd in 2013. She is also a personal trainer, Nike Training Club Trainer, and a group fitness trainer, teaching PiYo, Turbo Kick, P90X, hip hop HUSTLE and Zumba.

Women Fitness President Namita Nayyar recently caught up with her to talk about her fitness goals!

Namita Nayyar:

You played the violin all the way through high school and began dancing when you were three years old. Later you joined Team Beachbody. Tell us about your journey that took you to the world of fitness and as a fitness expert?

Danielle natoni
Danielle Natoni:

I grew up in a household where fitness was important. My mom took aerobics classes and my dad loved to power lift at the gym. With my background in dance, being healthy and active just made sense and essentially was part of my DNA. When I became a mom pretty early on (22 years old) I made a decision in that moment that I wouldn’t let my daughter be the reason why I am not healthy and rather she would be the reason why I am healthy. I began doing workouts in the living room utilizing the free Denise Austin workout videos that were on LifeTime. I started buying fitness magazines and basically just became the go-to fitness girl to all my friends and family. Later when I joined Team Beachbody it was an easy transition to turn my love for fitness and my passion for education into a full-time career as a fitness professional.

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