Lower Back Pain and Lynnwood Chiropractic Care

By | September 20, 2016

Did you know that 80 percent of the people all over the world suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives? As a matter of fact, latest survey in the United States showed that this devastating condition is the number one reason of job-related disability and leading contributor why employees missed work.

Medically known as lumbago, lower back pain refers to a condition where there is excruciating pain in the lumbar area generally caused by muscle strain. If left untreated, such debilitating condition could result in degenerative disc disease or lumbar herniated disc. This pain could be progressive or may occasionally flare up, and then return to a lower level of pain. For this reason, a lot of people look for safe and effective ways to help alleviate such pain.

Traditionally, patients suffering from this condition would consult a professional medical practitioner to help them find the best remedy. In an effort to reduce the severity of pain without practically diagnosing the root cause of the problem, doctors would usually prescribe medications such as muscle relaxant or anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, it has been found that such medications only help treat the symptoms and not exactly the underlying issue.

Aside from that, experts said that prolonged used of these pain-killer medications often lead to serious health problems that could compromise the health of an individual such as stomach bleeding, ulcer and tinnitus. To avoid such circumstances, chiropractic care is now here to help patients alleviate their various physical discomforts with the help of the different chiropractic techniques that has long been proven to be very effective and safe as well.

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Take note that chiropractic care focuses on the proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention of different mechanical disorders caused by a lesion or dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system of an individual. You should realize that spinal health can greatly affect the overall wellness of a person. Once this normal function is altered or interrupted, all of the bodily processes will also be affected. This is exactly the core belief of chiropractors.

Once these dysfunctions known as vertebral subluxations are corrected, the natural healing power of the body will be restored and an individual will eventually be relieved from his or her physical sufferings. There are several ways on how a Lynnwood Chiropractor can correct the spinal misalignment. These include massage therapy, nerve stimulation, spinal manipulation and mobilization. Aside from that, Lynnwood WA Chiropractor may also add some nutritional teachings and exercise programs to help you fully recover and achieve optimum health.

Philip Vincent is a health educator. Looking for a Lynnwood Chiropractor? Consider a visit to this Lynnwood WA Chiropractor .

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